Which Types of Induction Lamp Are Available for Consumption?

Which Types of Induction Lamp Are Available for Consumption?

As the induction technology is getting popular more advancements and up gradations are expected and being experienced. Addition of new products in induction lights is getting common. Some of the induction lamps available are External Induction Lamp, Internal Induction Lamps, High Efficiency Plasma lamps and sulfur lamps.

External induction lamp and internal induction lamps are common to understand for people as their name itself gives a clear view where these lamps are used. High efficiency plasma lamps and sulfur lamps are quiet new and unfamiliar names. Even the names itself doesn’t give a clear idea what is the purpose of these lamps. High efficiency plasma lamps consist of two major elements named as integral plasma burner and radio frequency resonator. On the other hand “Sulfur Lamps” metal screen coated lamps which use microwave radiations. These lamps work in high temperature while many of these models use fans to cool down after used.

When buying these types of induction lamps, selection of the right company and right manufacturer gets difficult especially in case if the buyer is a lay man regarding this technology. In a situation like this consulting from a set of induction lamp manufacturers can help to gain more knowledge, re-checking of quality, quantity, specifications and any technical info which might be disputed or unsatisfactory.

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