Why Tunnel Lamps Are Important?

Why Tunnel Lamps Are Important?

tunnel lampTunnel lamps are extremely important to light the tunnels no matter it is the day time or night time. A major reason to light the tunnels is when the vehicle drivers come in the natural darkness from sunlight adjusting to the lighting environment is extremely important.

tunnel lamp  gd-elxThis is a point which might have never gone through an ordinary person but the people who construct tunnels or are in lighting industry understand  how important it is to have the reliable lights which are extremely supportive to the human eye the moment they come in darkness from light. Just in case if the tunnel light intensity is low or high than the normal human eye level acceptance it can cause road accidents and serious damages.

Guandong ELX lighting offers a wide range of tunnel lights with diversified specifications and designs. We offer a range of 40W-300W in round tube form and with excellent color rending along with stable lighting. The tunnel lights offered by ELX have inner reflector which are used with imported heat resistant vacuum. This help to increase reflecting space till 90%. Furthermore tunnel lamps have rubber sealing rings. The tunnel light also has high strength 6063 aluminum hasp used. The surface is made up of 5mm ultra white tempered glass.

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