Saving up to $20,000 Per Year With Induction Lighting

Saving up to $20,000 Per Year With Induction Lighting

induction lighting - gdelx“Pacific Energy” a British Colombian based leading manufacturer of heating appliances and exists for 35 years. The company has saved up to $20,000 per year with installation of induction lights. Initially the company had plans to T5 fluorescent lighting which was not only efficient but economical too for the company. But because of factor of reconfiguring the system, the plan was dropped to go with T5 fluorescent lights.

Later the company decided to opt for ninety units of 250-watt induction high bay fixtures. High bay fixtures replaced mercury vapor fixtures which were of 400-watts. Though induction lights were more expensive than T5s, the other advantages offered were unenviable. Some advantages which made “Pacific Energy” to think of induction lights were easy installation because of the option of utilization of same wiring and placements.

Erickson, the President of the company on the decision of choosing induction lights stated that he chose induction high bay fixtures because the ballasts of induction high bay fixtures last longer than fluorescent. Additionally the high bay induction fixture has stable light throughout the life span. The process of installation took place in the summer shut down which enabled all the installation process to finish smoothly.

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