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Product Description


Courtyard lighting or road lighting.


  • Applied with ELX 40W-300W rectangular tube induction lamp provides efficient, long life, excellent colour rendering and stable lighting.
  • DLDL009-1
  • Integrated die-casting aluminium lampshade and reflector with perfect high-purity appearance. Electrostatic spray treatment surface, efficient corrosion resistant, impact resistant, solid and durable.
  • Imported vacuum coating reflector technology, effectively increasing the reflectivity up to 90%.
  • Tempered glass cover with heat-resistant silicone seal and high-strength 304 stainless steel hasp.
  • Integrated ballast and lamp design allows easy installation, maintenance, efficient cooling and greater life between services.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Material and Technique

  • High strength aluminium die-casting technology integrated lamp body.
  • Lamp body adopts high temperature baked quality dark gray corrosion resistant coating process.
  • Imported rubber sealing ring.
  • High temperature resistant imported vacuum coating diffuser.
  • Curved tempered glass cover.