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Product Description


Airports, Sport Venues, Petrol Stations, Playgrounds, Railway Stations, Warehouses and workshops.


  • Design Unique to ELX.
  • GDD138 Series 2
  • Lightning-proof protection design, can withstand less than 20KV lightning interference.
  • Applied with ELX 40W-200W round tube induction lamp provides efficient, long life, excellent color rending and stable lighting.
  • Durable die-casting aluminum electrical box-high temperature baked and corrosion resistant.
  • Inner reflector applied with imported heat resistant vacuum, effectively increasing the reflection space up to 90%
  • Integrated ballast and lamp design allows easy installation, maintenance, efficient cooling and greater lifte betwwen services.
  • Energy efficient, reduce maintenance costs and environmentally friendly.
  • Varieties of dimming ways available

Material and Technique

  • ADC 12 die-casting aluminum.
  • Lamp body adopts high temperature baked quality dark gray corrosion resistant coating process.
  • 200°C high temperature resistant nano-coating process temperature diffuse.
  • Applied with high transmittance polycarbonate (PC) cover.
  • Adopted silicone sealing ring.
  • 304 stainless steel screw hasp.