Life Span of Induction Lights

Life Span of Induction Lights

One of the new lighting technologies the world has experienced is Induction Lighting which is certainly a proven technology in the world of lighting. Recently more advancement has taken place in the field of Electronic Ballast or Generator technology.

This new technology is a great option for the commercial purpose and for commercial markets. In many countries of Asia and Europe induction Lighting is being used intensively in the area of street lighting applications. Another major move in the field of induction lighting was the initiative of “GO GREEN”. This advancement has induction lighting technology to emerge as a better choice than compared to others.

In large industries with the intention of comfortable maintenance and cost effectiveness inductions lights may be considered first. Induction lights have a life span of 80,000-100,000 hours. Certainly it depends upon other factors too such as the type and model etc. There are many technicalities too involved which are not mentioned in this article but for sure will be discussed in upcoming posts.

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