Why LED Lights Are Dangerous In Certain Scenarios

Why LED Lights Are Dangerous In Certain Scenarios

Today induction lighting for high luminance applications technology has become a superior choice. A good example can be of induction lamps which have edge of long life over led that is of 100,000 hours life of induction lamp and 50,000 hours life of led.

In induction technology the luminaries’ prices are considerably low. Additionally induction luminaries has a great feature of easily being re-lamped where as this feature is absent in majority of the LED fixtures. Having better lumen maintenance is another great feature of induction lighting. More over they are visually more comfortable with the color rendering in a range of 3500 to 5000K lamps where a son the other hand LED White lights have a irritating higher range which results in excessive blue light. Here it is extremely important to remember that excessive LED light when used outdoor can be dangerous for drivers.

Few other features which make Induction lights superior than compared to LED are that Induction is less energy consuming, virtually maintenance free, has an add-on of resistance from vibration. This feature aggregately makes induction a better choice.    

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