Internal Circuit of Electronic Ballast

Internal Circuit of Electronic Ballast


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Electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps typically may be analyzed as composed of a “front-end” along with a “back-end”. The front-end typically includes a rectifier for changing alternating-current (AC) mains line voltage to a direct-current (DC) shuttle bus voltage, and a filter circuit, e. g., a capacitor, intended for filtering the DC shuttle bus voltage. The front-end regarding electronic ballasts also often includes a boost converter, that is an active circuit to enhance the magnitude from the DC bus voltage over the peak from the line voltage in addition to for improving the complete harmonic distortion and the power factor from the input current for the ballast.


Based on the present invention, electronic ballast for generating a gas launch lamp includes an inverter, a resonant container, a control world, and a recent sense circuit. The inverters change a substantially DC bus voltage to some high-frequency AC voltage getting an operating rate of recurrence and managing duty cycle. This resonant tank couples the high-frequency AC voltage for the lamp to generate a present-day lamp current from the lamp.

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