Features of Induction Lights

Features of Induction Lights

induction lightsInduction Lights are getting common now. They offer unmatched advantages in lighting industry over other lights. Induction Lights are the most appropriate option today for outdoor (such as parks, stadiums, streets etc) and indoor (factories, warehouses, storage houses etc). Induction technology is certainly an emerging technology, if they are smartly used then their average life can go up to 100,000 hour and might not be ever replaced. Some of the main features of the induction lights which ELX (Induction Lights Manufacturer) offer are

  • Long life up to 100,000 hours
  • Reduced energy
  • Recued maintenance cost
  • Short Payback Time and Low Cost of Ownership
  • One can have plenty of color temperature choices
  • High Color Rendering

Apart from this every model has its own specifications. One can find high bay induction lamps with plenty of variations and specifications. Same is the case with flood lights, tunnel lamps, street lights etc that they have been designed in variation for various applications.

ELX Lighting which is a well known name today in the area of induction light technology offers plenty of options to the existing and prospective clients.

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