Factors To Consider For Analyzing Flood Lights

Factors To Consider For Analyzing Flood Lights

flood lightsFloodlights are used to illuminate outdoor sports fields in presence of a sports event. It is one of the major requirements which have to be fulfilled when ever any sports event takes place. Selecting the right kind of flood light is itself a tough job as it requires plenty of elements to be considered before selecting the right kind of flood light.

flood lightSome of the common factors which need to be considered are the size of the ground as flood lights watt will be analyzed considering the size of lighting equipments. Another factor which needs to be considered is the nature of the play ground as an ice polo ground will have different circumstances than a football ground therefore the technical specifications of flood lights for both the grounds will be different. Any small sports club will have a different requirement as there grounds are generally too small than the professional game organizing grounds.

Guan Dong ELX lighting offers a wide range of flood lights with different watts (For example we offer 80, 100,120, 150 and 200 watts) and designs for customers. We offer some great features with flood lights such as adjustable angle which enables comfortable installation of flood lights in up or down direction, inner reflector nano coated. Additionally our integrated ballast along with lamp design provides the facility of easy installation and maintenance.

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