Difference Between High Frequency and Low Frequency Induction Lamps

Difference Between High Frequency and Low Frequency Induction Lamps

induction lights gd-elxInduction lamps have two variations or categories known as High frequency induction lamps and low frequency induction lamps. They both have many aspects different from each other. When talking about low frequency lights they have a wide range of power falling in the bracket of 15watt to 400watt whereas high frequency lights have limited options. The temperature of tube surface in low frequency induction lamps is low where as the temperature of bulb-tube surface in high frequency induction lamps is high.

When talking about the structure low frequency lamps have round structure and rectangular structure where as high frequency lamps have bulb type structure. Low frequency lamps can be used in multiple applications with the help of special reflectors. On the other hand high frequency lamps have restrictions.

Talking further, some other factors which differentiate high frequency lamps from lower frequency lamps are:

  • small amount of inductance
  • single core
  • Unable to conduce heat dissipation

Some factors which differentiate low frequency lamps from high frequency lamps are:

  • Supportive heat dissipation
  • Flexibility of selection of tube size and shapes
  • Single magnetic ring

One can get more detailed information from Induction lamps manufacturers regarding in depth differences of high and low frequency lamps.

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