How To Decide Which Type of Ballast To Be Used?

How To Decide Which Type of Ballast To Be Used?

In market, you may find hundreds of types of ballasts having several specifications.  HID lamp’s wattage is one of the selection factors. Every type of ballasts offers distinct benefits in terms of longevity, brightness, color stability and efficiency.

The 2 most common types of HID lights are high pressure lamps that is HPS lamps and metal halide lamps that is MH. These both types are used during the growing life cycle of the plant for flowering stage of the plant.

Required power is very important in selecting the type of ballast.  HID lamps can be purchased from the market in 1000watts, 600 watts, 400 watts,250 watts,175 watts and 150 watts. Lamps wattage is the key factor in determining the intensity of light.

GGL ballasts are very popular for their combine usage as high pressure sodium bulbs and metal halide. Magnetic induction grow light intensity by following the phenomena of mathematical induction.

Guangdong ELX Lighting Technology has variety of ballasts for specific uses and stages. These ballasts are getting more demands in all over the world due to their reliability and durability.

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