What do you know about Induction Lamp?

Introduction and Principle of Induction Lamp

Induction lamp does not have filament, electrode inside, which is lighted by electromagnetic induction instead of the traditional tungsten electrodes. Comparing with the traditional light source, induction lamp is more energy saving, environmentally friendly and longer life. Mainly used in the factory, stadium, shopping mall, station, tunnel, road, floodlight, explosion-proof lighting and other places of high power lighting, induction lamp is the best green industrial lighting product to replace the traditional light source.

Technical principle:

Induction lamp relies on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to emitting UV radiation that in turn is converted into visible white light by the phosphor coating on the bulb.






Since there is no filament and electrodes inside, the general life is up to 60,000 ~ 100,000 hours, 50 times of the traditional incandescent light,10 times of the energy-saving lamp 10 times, and 5 times of HID.



Lumen efficiency is up to 90Lm/W, integrated with ELX ballast & lighting fixture, compared with average incandescent , energy saving lamp and traditional HID, respectively saving up to 85%,50%,40%.



Amalgam technology will remain in its solid state throughout the life of the tube even if the tube is broken. With 99% coefficient of recovery makes it a real environmental friendly lighting source.



Induction lightings colour rendering index is more than 80%, compared with metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamp, induction lamp restores all kinds of colors for increasing 30% & 4 times.



The working frequency is up to 250 KHZ, which eliminates the flickering harm of traditional HID, daylight tubes and energy-saving lamps, greatly protects people from eye fatigue and myopia caused by flickering.

Soft Light

Soft Light

Induction lighting is a surface emitting lighting. Large light emitting area, brightness scattered, less glare. We could watch the light source directly with less visual fatigue, avoiding light pollution effectively.

Low Heat

Low Heat

Working surface temperature is below 80℃ and low thermal sensitivity would not cause serious light decay, decreased stability or aging of reflector.

Little Lumen Decay

Little Lumen Decay

2000 hours less than 5%, 20,000 hours less than 15%, much better than the traditional light source.

Stable working


No matter how will the supply voltage changes, the working voltage would not change, particularly suitable for places with large power fluctuations.

Be Smart! Save Money With Energy Efficient Lights

highbay induction lightsIn recent times the electricity bills of an average UK business has sharply increased. The increase has been approximately up to fifty percent. Certainly there are no chances of the decrease in electricity bills. In a situation like this where the world has still not overcome the global recession and things are still not on the right track, the only thing businesses can do is either to increase their market share (by developing new markets or increasing their sales) or by reducing their costs.

Indeed controlling the fixed expenses is extremely hard but still installation of energy efficient lights can help the business to cut off their fixed expenses up to some extent. The problem arises when one starts searching in the market to replace current lighting equipments with energy efficient lights. Plenty of option with claims makes it difficult to choose the right kind of lights.

Induction light technology is one of the options available in the market which can enable the businesses to reduce their electricity bills which will ultimately lead them to reduced electricity bills. In case choosing induction lights, selection of the right induction lights manufacturer is again an important factor which cannot be overlooked.

Why Should We Select Induction Bulbs?

induction bulbsLighting technology has been moderated after the development of induction light bulb. This product has the qualities of better energy efficiency, much longer life. It works highly efficiently even in very cold temperature. This product is ideal to use in large scale factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, hospitals, parking garages, bridges, tunnels, and signage etc. In short it has longer life span than any other lamps either the new one or the old electrode containing equipments available in the market.

Induction light manufacturers have made a new history in the field of light. Now, electricity can be saved and lightening will be easier than before. There are many induction lamp makers in China due to which competition is tougher among prices and reliability as the user demands more efficient product due to the crucial usage in production sector. While, in some under developing countries, this product is not being used a lot in household sector. Countries facing shortage of electricity and striving in energy sector are good potentials for the fixtures where initial investment is only once and also less pricey.

Saving up to $20,000 Per Year With Induction Lighting

induction lighting - gdelx“Pacific Energy” a British Colombian based leading manufacturer of heating appliances and exists for 35 years. The company has saved up to $20,000 per year with installation of induction lights. Initially the company had plans to T5 fluorescent lighting which was not only efficient but economical too for the company. But because of factor of reconfiguring the system, the plan was dropped to go with T5 fluorescent lights.

Later the company decided to opt for ninety units of 250-watt induction high bay fixtures. High bay fixtures replaced mercury vapor fixtures which were of 400-watts. Though induction lights were more expensive than T5s, the other advantages offered were unenviable. Some advantages which made “Pacific Energy” to think of induction lights were easy installation because of the option of utilization of same wiring and placements.

Erickson, the President of the company on the decision of choosing induction lights stated that he chose induction high bay fixtures because the ballasts of induction high bay fixtures last longer than fluorescent. Additionally the high bay induction fixture has stable light throughout the life span. The process of installation took place in the summer shut down which enabled all the installation process to finish smoothly.

Difference Between High Frequency and Low Frequency Induction Lamps

induction lights gd-elxInduction lamps have two variations or categories known as High frequency induction lamps and low frequency induction lamps. They both have many aspects different from each other. When talking about low frequency lights they have a wide range of power falling in the bracket of 15watt to 400watt whereas high frequency lights have limited options. The temperature of tube surface in low frequency induction lamps is low where as the temperature of bulb-tube surface in high frequency induction lamps is high.

When talking about the structure low frequency lamps have round structure and rectangular structure where as high frequency lamps have bulb type structure. Low frequency lamps can be used in multiple applications with the help of special reflectors. On the other hand high frequency lamps have restrictions.

Talking further, some other factors which differentiate high frequency lamps from lower frequency lamps are:

  • small amount of inductance
  • single core
  • Unable to conduce heat dissipation

Some factors which differentiate low frequency lamps from high frequency lamps are:

  • Supportive heat dissipation
  • Flexibility of selection of tube size and shapes
  • Single magnetic ring

One can get more detailed information from Induction lamps manufacturers regarding in depth differences of high and low frequency lamps.

Cut the Power Usage Cost with Help of Induction lights

induction lights

Induction lighting has been in existence since 100 plus years. It has also claimed that the technology is 180 years plus old. No matter how old the technology is, it is getting popular and people are getting familiar of the new technology. Not only this, many are selecting induction lamps, magnetic induction lights etc as their first preference because of many advantages which only induction lights offer. Some of the most commonly discussed benefits which even a lay man knows are:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Long life
  • Lesser number of induction lights covers larger area and illuminate more than any other kind of light

There are many technical aspects too which makes induction technology a competent technology when compared to the other lighting technologies in the market. The major problem comes when we see plenty of induction lights manufacturers in the industry and it become shard to select the right manufacturer. In a situation like this one simple tip which can help prospective buyers to select the best option is the list of certifications a company owns. More the certifications better it is as it represents the serious attitude of manufacturers toward meeting the international standards.

How To Decide Which Type of Ballast To Be Used?

In market, you may find hundreds of types of ballasts having several specifications.  HID lamp’s wattage is one of the selection factors. Every type of ballasts offers distinct benefits in terms of longevity, brightness, color stability and efficiency.

The 2 most common types of HID lights are high pressure lamps that is HPS lamps and metal halide lamps that is MH. These both types are used during the growing life cycle of the plant for flowering stage of the plant.

Required power is very important in selecting the type of ballast.  HID lamps can be purchased from the market in 1000watts, 600 watts, 400 watts,250 watts,175 watts and 150 watts. Lamps wattage is the key factor in determining the intensity of light.

GGL ballasts are very popular for their combine usage as high pressure sodium bulbs and metal halide. Magnetic induction grow light intensity by following the phenomena of mathematical induction.

Guangdong ELX Lighting Technology has variety of ballasts for specific uses and stages. These ballasts are getting more demands in all over the world due to their reliability and durability.

Life in ancient times without electrical bulbs

How the whole world brightens with the sun rising every morning shining everything, and this shinning of sun as a matter of fact is an at most important thing that we can hardly do without. Not only sun makes the day beautiful but apart from beauty it gives, it gives us better nutrition that all of our in need of.


This nutrition is not only limited to human beings but to all the living things.Sun_rising_kazbeg

But as the sun goes darkness arises and what happens is human beings can’t seem to be able to see things clearly as they would when the sun was there. No sooner the sun sets, darkness takes place.


Man with the passage of time has been able cope up with this issue of darkness when the sun is not there.


Thomas Edison is the man who first, as we know from history, introduced light bulbs and ever since this great invention of his, the world has changed to such an extent that you cannot easily judge how far it can go. Now the whole world is about light as we see.night-shot-1-wtc-one-world-trade-center-construction-nyc-downtown-new-york-city-lights

The beauty of the tall buildings, which are known as skyscrapers, can only be witnessed at the night time; the same building gives two different looks in the day and at night.


In the ancient times., people used to use fire as a means of being able to see and do things at night which until that time was the best thing available to cope up with darkness but with the passage of time things changed and the curiosity people kept increasing which led to them inventing this thing which we now know as a light bulb. The works of Thomas Edison became the basis for other scientists to go beyond.


Knowing more about LEDs

Almost in all over the world lights are used, be it in a south, west, north or east and ever since they were introduced by Thomas Edison, there have been various improvements in looks, performance, capability and capacity. In today’s modern world, there’s not one type of light any longer, rather they come in various forms which people choose according to their needs and requirement. As a matter of fact, lights have become such an important part of people’s lives that it cannot be lived without, let along living, not a single minute is affordable without light because the type of business that is done in this century is highly dependent upon electricity and lights. The beauty witnessed in all over the world with high and tall lofty buildings was incomplete without lights.

Having shed light upon the importance of lights, let us delve into the actual subject matter which is about the highly and mostly used type of lights, termed as LEDs which stand for light emitting diodes. Unlike bulbs, LEDs happen to be very tinny but there it is their being tiny in size that has revolutionized the over the light industry, the use of LEDs is apparent where not be it houses, offices, cars or sports complex in almost every place LEDs are being used which keep the place brighten even when the Sun has set.

Here in this post you will be able to explore some very useful information about LEDs which include some facts and figures. Such as benefits that LEDs are coupled with and so on and so forth. You will also find information about the estimated lifetime for a light source and so on.

You can keep visiting us as here in our blog as we update information about the burning issues that need to be dealt with that people are willing and curious to know about. It is our at most desire to build a relationship with our viewers and readers to by sharing information that they value.




Disappearance of Traditional lights, Leading Towards The Future of Induction lights

When talking about the future of Induction light technology and future the experts have opinion that induction light industry will flourish in future and are optimistic towards this new technology.  The technology was developed in 90s for the commercial purpose. And from 90s the technology has been contributing effectively to light our houses, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses, factories, buildings, streets, grounds and plenty others.

Induction lights use mercury for functioning which is not considered safe for the environment. It is extremely important, in fact in many areas legally restricted to dispose mercury carefully after the life of the light is over to ensure safety of the environment.

Induction lights have an edge over other kind of bulbs. In comparison to other kind of lights, magnetic induction lights use 25% less energy producing equal or excessive light. Another benefit these induction lights have is low maintenance cost.

These factors make induction light a popular choice for people and have forced the lighting industry experts to think that the future is bright for induction lights. Not to forget this is a reason major industry players are either switching to induction lights manufacturing or working hard to improve the efficiency of the existing technology to bare the tough time given by magnetic induction lamps manufacturers.

Which Types of Induction Lamp Are Available for Consumption?

As the induction technology is getting popular more advancements and up gradations are expected and being experienced. Addition of new products in induction lights is getting common. Some of the induction lamps available are External Induction Lamp, Internal Induction Lamps, High Efficiency Plasma lamps and sulfur lamps.

External induction lamp and internal induction lamps are common to understand for people as their name itself gives a clear view where these lamps are used. High efficiency plasma lamps and sulfur lamps are quiet new and unfamiliar names. Even the names itself doesn’t give a clear idea what is the purpose of these lamps. High efficiency plasma lamps consist of two major elements named as integral plasma burner and radio frequency resonator. On the other hand “Sulfur Lamps” metal screen coated lamps which use microwave radiations. These lamps work in high temperature while many of these models use fans to cool down after used.

When buying these types of induction lamps, selection of the right company and right manufacturer gets difficult especially in case if the buyer is a lay man regarding this technology. In a situation like this consulting from a set of induction lamp manufacturers can help to gain more knowledge, re-checking of quality, quantity, specifications and any technical info which might be disputed or unsatisfactory.

Europe is Leading World in LED Market

As the lighting industry is heading towards a brighter future, the LED lighting market is also on rise and it has been reported that the LED lighting industry is expected to reach £51.3 million by 2019. The reports also have pointed out by suggesting that the LED lighting industry was £7.7 back in 2012.

The predictions made by researchers and analysts states that the industry will be growing at a rate of over 30% till 2019 from the recent times. Since the use of LED lights in Europe has been done more as compared to any other country which has made the Europe lighting market to be one of the biggest ones with a share of 33.1 % which has played a vital role in the growth of the industry in the region, TMR also have pointed that this growth was mainly a result of the government’s strong initiative that it took.

News also suggest that countries like UK, Germany, Denmark, Russia are working on deploying efficient lighting so that the overall operational costs could be lowered and the quality could also be improved.

As for the users of these LED lights, number of commercial users was the largest as compared to end users, the reason of which can be that, in commercial places lights are a must used products that play a vital role in the improving the interior. The reports also suggest that the commercial users were accounting 52.5 percent of the entire market.

What are the Advantages of Induction Lights?

Induction lights are new technological advancement brought in the field of lighting equipments industry. Many people who are familiar with LED lights compare LED lights with Induction lights. The most common question asked is “What are the Advantages of Induction Lights”. Let us list down three most important advantages of induction lights over Led Lights.

The first Advantage is of Power Consumption

In long run saving energy is extremely beneficial. Not only because it saves lot of energy but also saves energy costs. Installation of efficient Induction lights can help businesses to save almost energy up to 50% plus. Isn’t it great?

Induction Lights are for Lifetime

Induction Lights have a long life. They can continue to function up to10 times more than conventional lighting equipments. This means they are cost effective and in long run can save good amount for businesses.

Inductions Lights and Matter of Heat

Conventional lights produce plenty of heat which can be a factor of dissatisfaction for many. Induction lights generate less heat, which is a considerable point at workplace depending upon the nature of job and industry.

These advantages can help to take a decision either to choose any other lighting equipment or to select induction lights. Selection of the right Induction lighting manufacturer itself plays a vital role in making a decision.

Why Tunnel Lamps Are Important?

tunnel lampTunnel lamps are extremely important to light the tunnels no matter it is the day time or night time. A major reason to light the tunnels is when the vehicle drivers come in the natural darkness from sunlight adjusting to the lighting environment is extremely important.

tunnel lamp  gd-elxThis is a point which might have never gone through an ordinary person but the people who construct tunnels or are in lighting industry understand  how important it is to have the reliable lights which are extremely supportive to the human eye the moment they come in darkness from light. Just in case if the tunnel light intensity is low or high than the normal human eye level acceptance it can cause road accidents and serious damages.

Guandong ELX lighting offers a wide range of tunnel lights with diversified specifications and designs. We offer a range of 40W-300W in round tube form and with excellent color rending along with stable lighting. The tunnel lights offered by ELX have inner reflector which are used with imported heat resistant vacuum. This help to increase reflecting space till 90%. Furthermore tunnel lamps have rubber sealing rings. The tunnel light also has high strength 6063 aluminum hasp used. The surface is made up of 5mm ultra white tempered glass.

Factors To Consider For Analyzing Flood Lights

flood lightsFloodlights are used to illuminate outdoor sports fields in presence of a sports event. It is one of the major requirements which have to be fulfilled when ever any sports event takes place. Selecting the right kind of flood light is itself a tough job as it requires plenty of elements to be considered before selecting the right kind of flood light.

flood lightSome of the common factors which need to be considered are the size of the ground as flood lights watt will be analyzed considering the size of lighting equipments. Another factor which needs to be considered is the nature of the play ground as an ice polo ground will have different circumstances than a football ground therefore the technical specifications of flood lights for both the grounds will be different. Any small sports club will have a different requirement as there grounds are generally too small than the professional game organizing grounds.

Guan Dong ELX lighting offers a wide range of flood lights with different watts (For example we offer 80, 100,120, 150 and 200 watts) and designs for customers. We offer some great features with flood lights such as adjustable angle which enables comfortable installation of flood lights in up or down direction, inner reflector nano coated. Additionally our integrated ballast along with lamp design provides the facility of easy installation and maintenance.

Why Ceiling Lamps Are Important In Modern Type of Lighting Systems?

ceiling lamps usesCeiling lamps play an important role in lighting up an indoor. The needs vary from need to need and from industry to industry. A ceiling lamps require to light a room of a house can never be used to lit warehouse which requires high watt ceiling lamps so that every corner of the warehouse is in light. In industrial sector high quality ceiling lamps are always preferred as no business intends to buy again and again ceiling lamps in case the previous one gets faulty.

ceiling lampGuandong ELX lighting offers a wide range of ceiling lamps with different variations in watts as per diversified needs of its customers. Not only this, but Guan Dong ELX also has a diversified range of designs too available for customers. Guan Dong ELX lighting offers a wide range of watts such as 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 200 watts which enables the prospective customers to choose the best option according to their need.

When making a decision to buy ceiling lamps apart from analyzing the needs and specifications of the product another major element which needs to be taken in account is the reputation of the company and the standards which the manufacturing company meets. Having many certifications, especially, international certification is an implied statement that the ceiling lamp manufacturers have set high standards and are more reliable than other manufacturers.

Life Span of Induction Lights

One of the new lighting technologies the world has experienced is Induction Lighting which is certainly a proven technology in the world of lighting. Recently more advancement has taken place in the field of Electronic Ballast or Generator technology.

This new technology is a great option for the commercial purpose and for commercial markets. In many countries of Asia and Europe induction Lighting is being used intensively in the area of street lighting applications. Another major move in the field of induction lighting was the initiative of “GO GREEN”. This advancement has induction lighting technology to emerge as a better choice than compared to others.

In large industries with the intention of comfortable maintenance and cost effectiveness inductions lights may be considered first. Induction lights have a life span of 80,000-100,000 hours. Certainly it depends upon other factors too such as the type and model etc. There are many technicalities too involved which are not mentioned in this article but for sure will be discussed in upcoming posts.

7 Distinct Advantages of Induction Lights

Induction lighting indeed today is a well known and a proven efficient technology. Some of the most common benefits which are always mentioned and are in minds of people are low energy efficient technology and its maintenance. This technology first was developed and installed in 1990′s and still is being used. Few distinct advantages are as follows:

  • Compared to LED lights, Induction lights lasts longer, almost twice.
  • Cost of Induction light is less, almost half when compared by LED
  • Induction light  has the capacity to last for approximately ten times longer when compared to metal halide
  • When compared to “High Pressure Sodium”, Induction Lights have life almost five times more.
  • When counted in days and years, they are capable to work for twenty two years if used for twelve hours every day.
  • They require no virtually maintenance
  • The best part of induction lights  is that they are available with five years warranty

Surely in some companies might not be the best to produce the best induction lights, therefore it is highly recommended that make sure as a buyer you analyze every company on its individuality and select the best induction light manufacturer for your needs.

Few Benefits of Digital Ballasts

Electronic Ballast Manufacturers manufacture the most important and the crucial part of the HID kits, whose purpose is to sufficiently supply the voltage for the ignition of the bulb and then further move the flow of current, If the ballast do not provide the sufficient amount the electric current to the kit and the bulbs it is highly possible that the bulb could be self destroyed quickly.

They actually makes ballasts which works as an igniter which supplies the initial voltage to the bulb which ionizes the xenon gas inside it. After the bulb is ignited the igniter stops and now its up to the ballasts to peruse the white light which is created by the bulb.

Electronic Ballast Manufacturers have come up with an exciting new product which is called “slim digital ballasts”. Among the multiple benefits of this new technology few includes,

  • Use of IC chips, which are not a part of regular ballasts.
  • Fault mode protection which helps in preventing open and short circuit protection.
  • Voltage safety (Over and under).
  • The Flashing of lights which is a major threat and complain from the users.

These digital ballasts manufactured by Electronic Ballast companies can be used in almost all cars without any alterations.


Why LED Lights Are Dangerous In Certain Scenarios

Today induction lighting for high luminance applications technology has become a superior choice. A good example can be of induction lamps which have edge of long life over led that is of 100,000 hours life of induction lamp and 50,000 hours life of led.

In induction technology the luminaries’ prices are considerably low. Additionally induction luminaries has a great feature of easily being re-lamped where as this feature is absent in majority of the LED fixtures. Having better lumen maintenance is another great feature of induction lighting. More over they are visually more comfortable with the color rendering in a range of 3500 to 5000K lamps where a son the other hand LED White lights have a irritating higher range which results in excessive blue light. Here it is extremely important to remember that excessive LED light when used outdoor can be dangerous for drivers.

Few other features which make Induction lights superior than compared to LED are that Induction is less energy consuming, virtually maintenance free, has an add-on of resistance from vibration. This feature aggregately makes induction a better choice.