What do you know about Induction Lamp?

Introduction and Principle of Induction Lamp

Induction lamp does not have filament, electrode inside, which is lighted by electromagnetic induction instead of the traditional tungsten electrodes. Comparing with the traditional light source, induction lamp is more energy saving, environmentally friendly and longer life. Mainly used in the factory, stadium, shopping mall, station, tunnel, road, floodlight, explosion-proof lighting and other places of high power lighting, induction lamp is the best green industrial lighting product to replace the traditional light source.

Technical principle:

Induction lamp relies on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to emitting UV radiation that in turn is converted into visible white light by the phosphor coating on the bulb.






Since there is no filament and electrodes inside, the general life is up to 60,000 ~ 100,000 hours, 50 times of the traditional incandescent light,10 times of the energy-saving lamp 10 times, and 5 times of HID.



Lumen efficiency is up to 90Lm/W, integrated with ELX ballast & lighting fixture, compared with average incandescent , energy saving lamp and traditional HID, respectively saving up to 85%,50%,40%.



Amalgam technology will remain in its solid state throughout the life of the tube even if the tube is broken. With 99% coefficient of recovery makes it a real environmental friendly lighting source.



Induction lightings colour rendering index is more than 80%, compared with metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamp, induction lamp restores all kinds of colors for increasing 30% & 4 times.



The working frequency is up to 250 KHZ, which eliminates the flickering harm of traditional HID, daylight tubes and energy-saving lamps, greatly protects people from eye fatigue and myopia caused by flickering.

Soft Light

Soft Light

Induction lighting is a surface emitting lighting. Large light emitting area, brightness scattered, less glare. We could watch the light source directly with less visual fatigue, avoiding light pollution effectively.

Low Heat

Low Heat

Working surface temperature is below 80℃ and low thermal sensitivity would not cause serious light decay, decreased stability or aging of reflector.

Little Lumen Decay

Little Lumen Decay

2000 hours less than 5%, 20,000 hours less than 15%, much better than the traditional light source.

Stable working


No matter how will the supply voltage changes, the working voltage would not change, particularly suitable for places with large power fluctuations.

How To Decide Which Type of Ballast To Be Used?

In market, you may find hundreds of types of ballasts having several specifications.  HID lamp’s wattage is one of the selection factors. Every type of ballasts offers distinct benefits in terms of longevity, brightness, color stability and efficiency.

The 2 most common types of HID lights are high pressure lamps that is HPS lamps and metal halide lamps that is MH. These both types are used during the growing life cycle of the plant for flowering stage of the plant.

Required power is very important in selecting the type of ballast.  HID lamps can be purchased from the market in 1000watts, 600 watts, 400 watts,250 watts,175 watts and 150 watts. Lamps wattage is the key factor in determining the intensity of light.

GGL ballasts are very popular for their combine usage as high pressure sodium bulbs and metal halide. Magnetic induction grow light intensity by following the phenomena of mathematical induction.

Guangdong ELX Lighting Technology has variety of ballasts for specific uses and stages. These ballasts are getting more demands in all over the world due to their reliability and durability.

Life in ancient times without electrical bulbs

How the whole world brightens with the sun rising every morning shining everything, and this shinning of sun as a matter of fact is an at most important thing that we can hardly do without. Not only sun makes the day beautiful but apart from beauty it gives, it gives us better nutrition that all of our in need of.


This nutrition is not only limited to human beings but to all the living things.Sun_rising_kazbeg

But as the sun goes darkness arises and what happens is human beings can’t seem to be able to see things clearly as they would when the sun was there. No sooner the sun sets, darkness takes place.


Man with the passage of time has been able cope up with this issue of darkness when the sun is not there.


Thomas Edison is the man who first, as we know from history, introduced light bulbs and ever since this great invention of his, the world has changed to such an extent that you cannot easily judge how far it can go. Now the whole world is about light as we see.night-shot-1-wtc-one-world-trade-center-construction-nyc-downtown-new-york-city-lights

The beauty of the tall buildings, which are known as skyscrapers, can only be witnessed at the night time; the same building gives two different looks in the day and at night.


In the ancient times., people used to use fire as a means of being able to see and do things at night which until that time was the best thing available to cope up with darkness but with the passage of time things changed and the curiosity people kept increasing which led to them inventing this thing which we now know as a light bulb. The works of Thomas Edison became the basis for other scientists to go beyond.