7 Distinct Advantages of Induction Lights

7 Distinct Advantages of Induction Lights

Induction lighting indeed today is a well known and a proven efficient technology. Some of the most common benefits which are always mentioned and are in minds of people are low energy efficient technology and its maintenance. This technology first was developed and installed in 1990′s and still is being used. Few distinct advantages are as follows:

  • Compared to LED lights, Induction lights lasts longer, almost twice.
  • Cost of Induction light is less, almost half when compared by LED
  • Induction light  has the capacity to last for approximately ten times longer when compared to metal halide
  • When compared to “High Pressure Sodium”, Induction Lights have life almost five times more.
  • When counted in days and years, they are capable to work for twenty two years if used for twelve hours every day.
  • They require no virtually maintenance
  • The best part of induction lights  is that they are available with five years warranty

Surely in some companies might not be the best to produce the best induction lights, therefore it is highly recommended that make sure as a buyer you analyze every company on its individuality and select the best induction light manufacturer for your needs.

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